Record inventory in an ordered consolidated order

After you have saved and ordered a consolidated order, you can record the quantity of each medication request received from your supplier and track any stock yet to be received.

Consolidated order flow
Ordered consolidated orders are listed in the Consolidated Orders summary window, with a status of Ordered and an initial filled status of Unfilled.
Example ordered consolidated order in the summary window

Use the ordered consolidated order to record medications received by you from the supplier.

Tip: Only those medications for which you provided an order quantity in the draft consolidated order are included in the ordered consolidated order.
To record medications received from your supplier:
  1. Select File > Imprest Management > Manage Consolidated Orders.
  2. In the Consolidated Orders summary window, double-click the consolidated order with a status of Ordered.

    Example edited ordered consolidated order
  3. In the ordered Consolidated order window, for each medication or DAA pack, in the Qty Received column, enter the number of packs received from your supplier.

    The value in the Qty outstanding column is updated automatically. If you receive the same number of packs as you ordered, this value will be 0. If you received fewer packs than you ordered, this value shows the number of packs that have not been supplied compared to what you ordered. If you receive additional stock, this value will be negative.


    To find a particular patient, in the Search by patient field, enter any text that matches the patient's name, or their Patient ID or UMRN. To clear the search and show all medication requests, click Clear field iconClear.

    Any notes added to a medication request when prescribing are listed for each medication request.

  4. If the order is only partially filled, click Update.
  5. If all medications in the order have been supplied and the order is complete, click Complete Order.

If any part of the consolidated order is not received from the supplier and there is an outstanding quantity recorded, the Patients section is marked as Partially Filled Example partially filled flag in consolidated order. In the summary, the consolidated order shows a filled status of Partial.

In the summary, if all medication in the order has been received, the consolidated order shows a filled status of Filled. If you have also marked the order as complete, the status is Completed. The date that the order was marked as completed is recorded in the order.

Tip: You can check when an order was last updated and by whom. When an order is updated, the time, date and username of the user who made the changes are recorded in the order. For example, Last edited at time on date by username.

You can cancel an order for whatever reason if it is no longer required. In the Consolidated order window, click Cancel order iconCancel order.