Delete Medications

Delete a medication only if it was prescribed in error. Instead, if you no longer want a patient to take a prescribed medication, stop that medication.

Tip: You cannot delete a medication that is included in the current medication request.
To delete a medication:
  1. On the Detail tab of a patient's clinical record, right-click the medication you want to delete and select Delete Medication (prescribed in error).
  2. Record the reason the medication is being deleted, for example, Prescribed in error. Enter at least five characters. The delete reason is not required for medication history recorded in error.
  3. Click OK.

The record for the deleted medication is not erased from the database, but is marked as being deleted together with the reason.

Tip: To see deleted medications, on the Detail tab of a patient's clinical record, in the item list, right-click and select Show Deleted Items. Deleted medications are prefixed with <Deleted>.