Grid Views

Grid views allow you to customise the look and feel of a grid in Communicare.

If a form contains a Microsoft style Ribbon with a View tab then the grid on that form can have it's look and feel customised.

Views Tab

This tab allows the user to customise the appearance of the documents list. See Grid Views.

View All Columns

Click the All Columns button to have all available columns presented in the grid list.

View Standard View

Click the Standard View button to set the view of the grid to the standard view.

View No Columns

Click the No Columns button to have all columns removed from the grid.

Save the current view

Click the Save button to save the current grid view layout. Any customisations that you have made to the grid will be saved. See Saving a Grid View.

Maintain Views

Click the Maintain Views button to view/maintain all defined views that the user has access to. See Grid View Maintenance.

Custom Views

This is the list of custom views that the user has access to for customising the current grid. Click on the appropriate view to apply that view to the gird. Custom grid views have differing icons based on their availability and distribution.
  • Spreadsheet available to users- a grid view that is available to all users
  • Spreadsheet distributed with Communicare - a grid view that is distributed with Communicare
  • Custom Spreadsheet - a grid view that was created by the currently logged in user and is only available to that user

Customising a Grid

Grids can be customised in a variety of ways:
  • Sorting
  • Grouping
  • Filtering
  • Customising columns


Sort Data
  • Click a column header. The Up and Down Arrows indicate ascending and descending sort orders respectively. Click the column again to change the sort order.
  • Right-click a column header and select Sort Ascending or Sort Descending from the context menu that will appear.
Unsort Data
  • Click a column header while holding down the CTRL key.
  • Right-click a column header and select Clear Sorting from the context menu.


Group Data
  • Drag a column header from the column header panel to the group panel.
  • Right-click a column header and select Group By This Column from the context menu.
Ungroup Data
  • Drag a column header from the group panel to the column header panel.
  • Right-click a grouping column's header and selecting UnGroup from the context menu.
  • To remove grouping by all columns, right click the group panel and select Clear Grouping from the context menu.
Change Group Order
  • To change group order, move a grouping column header to another position within the group panel.


  • Right-click a column header and select Filter Editor... from the context menu. From here you can apply a filter condition to filter the data in the grid.

Column Customisation

Displaying Hidden Columns
  • Open the Customization Form by right-clicking a column header and selecting Column Chooser.
  • Drag the required column/band from the Customization Form onto the column/band header panel and drop it at a specific position.
Hiding Columns
  • Click a column header/band header and drag it onto the grid control's cell area, until the cursor changes its image to a big 'X'. Then drop the header.
  • Drag and drop a column/band header onto the Customization Form if it's open.
Rearranging Columns
  • To reorder columns, drag and drop a column header to a new position.
Resizing Columns
  • Drag the right edge of the target column/band header.
  • To change a column's width so that it displays its contents compactly in their entirety, do one of the following.
    • Double-click the right edge of the column header.
    • Right-click the column's header and select Best Fit.
  • To change the widths of all columns so that they display their contents in the best possible way, right-click the header of any column and select Best Fit (all columns).
Changing the Column Title
  • Right-click a column header and select Change Column Title... from the context menu. A dialog appears allowing to to customise the caption. Click the Apply Button or hit Enter to apply your new title.