Patient alert

If an alert is added to a patient's biographic information, a popup alert is displayed when the patient's record is opened.

Popup alerts are displayed once for each user login in the following situations:
  • When an appointment is made
  • When a service record is created
  • When a clinical record is opened
  • When a patient with a booked appointment arrives and is checked in

To add a popup alert to a patient record, in the patient's biographics record, go to the Administration tab, and in the Popup alert notes field, enter an alert.

When the Patient Alert window is displayed, you can take one of the following actions:
  • To update the alert, in the Patient Alert window, Message field, enter new information and click Keep with changes.
  • To close the alert if it is still relevant as-is, click Keep without changes.
  • To remove the patient alert because it is no longer relevant, click Delete. The alert is removed from the database for all users.