Changing a Progress Note

When viewing or changing Progress Notes in Communicare, there are some restrictions for security reasons. These restrictions are implemented based on the Communicare logon username.


All progress notes display the Username of the User who created or modified that progress note. Where a progress note was amended after the original service, it will display '\<Amended\>' in the contact header in the progress note history. With detail level 5, any previous versions will also be available for viewing in the progress note history, and are shown in grey with '\<Deleted\>' in the contact header.

Viewing Progress Notes

  • Users who do not have any viewing rights cannot see progress notes.
  • Users who do not have the viewing right attached to a progress note cannot see that progress note.

Changing Progress Notes

  • Users who do not have any viewing rights cannot change or write any progress notes.
  • Progress notes can only be written if you log on to Communicare with the Username that identifies the Provider. Anyone can write or change a Progress Note on behalf of a provider who does not have a LOGON Username.
  • If a provider has a DELEGATED user then the delegated user can also write or change the progress notes for that provider.
  • Only the progress notes for the current consultation can be changed. In order to change other progress notes you will have to first select the correct consultation. See Progress Notes for help on how to do this.

Specifying the Username and Delegated User for a Provider

This is done at File > Reference Tables > Provider. If electronic claiming is enabled then only the Administrator or the Provider can change these details.