Online Claiming

If your clinic is set up to make claims from Medicare, providers or reception can submit a Medicare claim electronically, either from the Service Record after closing a clinical record, or by opening the Service Record from the Service Recording iconService Recording window.

To make claims from Medicare:
  • Your site and providers must be registered with Services Australia.
  • The Encounter Place must have a Minor ID which is used when claims are sent to Medicare. This number is generated and provided by Communicare. For more information, see Editing Encounter Places.
  • Any provider for whom claims will be submitted must have a provider number for the encounter place or a Specialty type of General Medical Practitioner. For more information, see Providers.
  • The Electronic Claims module must be enabled.

    This module enables bulk bill claims, private claims and the verification of a patient's Medicare details and eligibility using OPV or EPV.

  • Users making claims must belong to a user group that has the Billing system right.
  • Optionally, clinical items can be linked to specific MBS items to simplify claiming. For more information, see Clinical Item Type Properties.