Licence Administration

Licence Administration

Set the Communicare Licence Key & Licence Service URL provided by Communicare Support.

The Licence Administration window contains the following sections.

Licence Key Data

This displays your current registered licence key. The licence key defines the maximum number of users that can legitimately run Communicare at a single point in time. The current licensing status is displayed on the Communicare Login form under the section 'Licensing'. If the licensing message is displayed in RED, then you are running more instances of Communicare than you are licensed to. If the licensing message is displayed in black, then you are legitimately within the limits of your licence agreement.

Licence Service URL

The Licence Service URL defines the path to the licensing service that Communicare uses to verify licensing information. The licensing service will run in the background on the same server where Communicare is installed.

The licensing service is setup and configured by Communicare. If you want to review your licensing agreement or have an issue with the licensing system, contact Communicare Support.