Provider Directory Service

Use the Search Provider Directory Service window to search the PDS for an individual or organisation and create a record in your local address book.

Before you can search the Provider Directory Service (PDS), first configure the PDS service and enable the Address Book Integration - ADHA PDS module. For more information, see Modules.

To search the PDS, you must belong to a user group that has the Address Book Maintenance system right.

To add an individual or organisation from the PDS to your local Communicare address book:
  1. Select Tools > Address Book Search.
  2. In the Address Search Book window, enter a name or organisation.
    If a result is listed and it displays the PDS iconPDS icon, the result is already linked to the PDS.
  3. If no results are returned, click Search PDS.
    Example PDS search
  4. In the Search Provider Directory Service window, do either of the following and click Search iconSearch.
    • On the Individual tab iconIndividual tab, in the Full name field, enter the name for which you want to search.
    • On the Organisation tab iconOrganisation tab, in the Practice name field, enter the organisation for which you want to search.
  5. Select a result and click Create.

The contact is added to the local Communicare address book, prefixed with the PDS iconPDS icon.

If there have been any changes to the contact in the PDS database, the contact is updated from the PDS when the CCareQueue_SMD service is run. Any changes you make to the contact locally are overwritten from the PDS each time the GracePeriodHours is reached.

If a contact is removed from the PDS, it is also removed from your local address book. If you delete a PDS contact from your local address book, the PDS is not affected. To add the contact back into your local address book, repeat the PDS search above.