Group Memberships

Use the Group Membership window to review the dates on which a patient joined or exited a group.

Normally it is not necessary to access this window. However, you might want to access the window to review or change details. For example, review the history of when a patient joined and exited a care program. A group may be joined and exited any number of times.

To display the Group Memberships window, on the Administration tab of a patient's biographics, click Advanced.

The details of all groups that a patient has ever belonged to are listed in the top pane. The details displayed for each group are:
  • Group - the group's name, for example, Current Patient
  • Group - the group's type, for example, Patient Status
  • Continuous - whether the group type is continuous. Once a group type has been joined, the patient may move to other groups of the same type, but may not exit until death. Consider the Patient Status group type for example. A patient may start as a Temporary patient, become a Current patient, then a Past patient, then perhaps a Temporary patient once more. The patient is always a member of one Patient Status or other.
  • Unique - if the group is unique. A patient may belong to only one unique group at a time. Consider again the Patient Status group type for example. Clearly, a patient cannot be a Current Patient and a Past Patient at the same time.

When you select a group, the dates on which the patient joined or exited the group are displayed.

If required, you can edit the following information:
  • Date Joined - can be changed, but may not be before birth or after death.
  • Date Exited - can be changed for group types that are not Continuous
    • Exit dates are adjusted automatically for Continuous membership group types to ensure there are no gaps. Communicare overwrites any changes you make to the exit date of a Continuous membership group type.
    • When a death is recorded, all groups are automatically exited on the date of death.