Service Recording

In Communicare, a service is where a patient interacts with a service provider. In general, it means to have a consultation with a health care provider, that is, a Doctor, Nurse, or Healthworker.

One service can relate to any number of clinical items, services and billing claims. For example, a child may see the doctor and have a check up, be given one or more immunisations and receive a prescription.

All patients entering the clinic are recorded in the service recording window and their progress is monitored throughout the duration of their visit. A history is created that can be displayed for any day or any provider.

To view or record a consultation, click Service Recording.

Service records can be added, deleted and changed using the Navigator Buttons at the top of the window.

Refreshing the Service Record List

As the Clinic Attendance period (day) progresses, records are added, completed, removed, and so on. The service record list is automatically refreshed every minute if either the Service Recording window or the main Communicare window is the top level window and the Service Recording window has been idle for at least 10 seconds. If these windows are in the background, the service record list is refreshed every two minutes. This will ensure the list you are viewing is the most up to date.

To refresh the window manually, click Refresh iconRefresh, or press F5 as often as required.

Sorting the Service Record List

To sort the Service Record List by Patient Name, Start/Withdraw time and the Encounter Place and Mode, click the required column header.

To return to the default ordering, click Reset Ordering.

Medicare Claim Form

To print the Medicare Assignment Form for Medicare Bulk Bill claims and Patient claim report for Private claims, click Print Medicare Claim Form iconClaim Form.

Only those items set in the Service Record window are printed.

For Medicare claims, if the Provider has a valid number, these details are also printed. If the first provider has no Provider number, the next provider's number is used.

The button is disabled if no claim has been submitted for the service.

Printing Service Lists

To print a service list, click Print Service list icon Services. See Quick Print Services for more information.

Service Status

The status or progress of a service is indicated by the following icons.
Table 1. Service status icons
Status Icon Description
Appointment booked icon An appointment was booked
Patient Waiting iconWaiting The patient has arrived and an arrival time recorded
Started The service has begun and a start time recorded
Paused The service was paused
Finished The service finished and a finish time was recorded
Withdrawn The patient left before the service started and a withdrawal time was recorded
Cancelled The appointment was cancelled
The patient list may also show the following information:
Table 2. Patient list information
Icon Description
Progress Note icon

Some information is attached to the service and this service cannot be deleted. The information can be a clinical item, prescription, adverse reaction, result, investigation request, progress note, lock conflict, Medicare or private billing claim, birth notification, patient documents, and so on.

If there isn't an icon, no information has been recorded for the service yet.

Note icon

There are notes entered on the Administration tab of the patient's biographics.

Double-click the icon to view the notes.

Medicare details incomplete icon Medicare Card details are incomplete. To complete the Medicare details, click Biographics. See Changing Biographics for more information.