Administrator only tasks

These tasks can only be performed by users in the System Administrators user group:
  • System parameter changes - high level enabling of modules and global preferences. Occasional use.
  • Updating MIMS Pharmaceutical Database (although this is usually done when COMMUNICARE upgrades a site). Monthly updates outside of an upgrade must be performed by the Administrator.
  • Recording or amending information under another provider name - this may be required when a user who is no longer available has recorded some erroneous information in a patient clinical record that may compromise the care of that patient.
  • Usernames, passwords, access rights - necessary when users join and leave the service or when a user's requirements change.
  • Clinical item templates and automated recall protocols - any change to data collection items and associated recall protocols.
  • Scheduled reports - any automatic report scheduling and e-mailing of results to recipients.
  • Database Consistency checks - done by COMMUNICARE when upgrading but recommended to be done occasionally by a local administrator.

All other tasks can be performed by users who have appropriate system and viewing rights.