Important non-Communicare Maintenance

Various non-Communicare maintenance tasks are the responsibility of the Communicare Administrator. They are essential to ensure the smooth running of Communicare.

Internet Access and Remote Communications

Internet access is required by Medicare On-line Claiming, many pathology lab download programs, secure e-mail, MeHR (formerly NT Health Connect) and also for remote access by COMMUNICARE to maintain the server and software. It is the responsibility of the Communicare Administrator to make sure that this access is maintained.

In addition, the phone line access to the server must be maintained by the Communicare Administrator for use in emergency. This includes making sure that the line is not disconnected because it is rarely used.

PKI Certificates

These electronic certificates are sent to the site every five years. Although COMMUNICARE will install them on the Communicare server it is the responsibility of the Administrator to contact COMMUNICARE when they are received. A password will arrive separately. If these certificates are allowed to expire then Medicare claiming and secure e-mail will be affected.

E-mail and E-Mail Accounts

For secure e-mail and report scheduling the Communicare server is usually allocated an e-mail account on the local e-mail server (usually communicare@...). This e-mail account and those of scheduled report recipients must be in working order and maintained. We recommend that the account allocated to the Communicare server has an automatic reply sent to anyone who might send a message to that account explaining that this account is not monitored and no further reply will be forthcoming. It might also suggest that e-mails are sent to the Communicare Administrator at the site.

If the e-mail server is down for any reason then scheduled reports will not be delivered.

Pathology Download Software

This is usually installed on a site's local server (not the Communicare server) and occasionally on a workstation. The software may use an internet connection or a dial-up and may be scheduled to run automatically or manually. Some programs require that the computer is left logged on. Initially the software will be set up to place pathology results into a shared folder on the Communicare server. This software should be maintained in consultation with the pathology lab who can advise you on its maintenance and upgrades.

Licence Fees Payable to External Organisations

Separate from the Communicare annual support and maintenance costs are fees payable to other organisations.
  • MIMS Pharmaceutical Data - annual fees are payable to MIMS for the regular updates of the list of medications. The amount depends on the number of doctors prescribing. Sites that do not have the prescibing module enabled do not need to pay these fees. Without an up-to-date licence we cannot update the MIMS database. Contact Client Services:
    • Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm (Mon-Fri)
    • Toll Free: 1800 800 629
    • Phone: 61 2 9902 7770
    • Fax: 61 2 9902 7771
    • Email:
  • ICPC Clinical Terms Data - annual fees are payable to the National Centre for Classification in Health for use of the ICPC-2 PLUS coding system. This allows detailed reporting and coding of conditions and procedures. Most sites use this system and it is mandatory for all sites that report to Healthy for Life, NPCC, ABCD, and so on. Only some very small specialist clinics do not use this coding system. Without an up-to-date licence we cannot update the ICPC-2 PLUS clinical items. For information about ICPC-2 PLUS, contact ICPC-2 PLUS Enquiries:
    • Telephone: +61 2 9351 9772
    • E-mail:


Workstations: Workstations should be in good working order and be connected to the same network as the Communicare server.

Printers: Printers should be available to users and be in good working order. All workstations should have a default printer defined and accessible to all users.

Scanners: Where Communicare's scanning function is enabled, users with the right to scan should have access to a scanner in good working order. Local scanners connected via USB are the easiest to use.

Communicare conducted a survey of users to find out what scanners were being used to scan documents into Communicare. Though we have not tested and do not endorse any of the following products the following brands and types of local (not networked) scanners were being used successfully:
  • A-Vision flatbed scanner with automatic document feeder 'used thousands of times and works well'
  • Konica Minolta BizHub flatbed scanner with automatic document feeder
  • Canon LIDE 60 and 70
  • Canon Canoscan LID60 Flatbed
  • Ricoh flatbed
  • Ricoh flatbed with automatic document feeder