Using EMPI Patient Search

If the EMPI Search module is enabled, you can search for patients from integrated systems and include their existing details in a new clinical record in Communicare.

Before your health service can use the EMPI search, the following prerequisites must be met:
  • EMPI Search module is enabled
  • In File > System Parameters > Web Services, the EMPI Search path is configured

If the EMPI search is enabled for your health service, when you attempt to add a new patient, Communicare searches integrated systems for that patient and shows the matching results from the EMPI patient search.

To add a new patient when EMPI Patient Search is enabled:
  1. Click Biographics icon Patient Biographics to display patient search.
  2. In the Patient Name field, enter the new patient's name.
  3. If no matching patient results are returned, click New Patient.
  4. In the EMPI Patient Search window, enter the new patient's information, including at least the given and family name.
  5. Click Search. To return fewer matches, add more patient information and click Search again.
  6. Select the patient in the list and click Copy and Create New.
  7. If your patient is not found, click Ignore and Create New.
  8. In the Add New Person window, complete any missing patient details.
  9. Click Save.

Details from the EMPI, including preferred language, are imported into the Communicare patient record.

If custom fields are configured, they are added to the Addtional tab.