Enable HealthTracker

After your site has completed training in how to use the George Institute HealthTracker™ tool, configure HealthTracker integration in Communicare.

Configuration must be completed by a Communicare Administrator.
To enable the HealthTracker dataset in Communicare:
  1. Enable the George Institute HealthTracker dataset:
    1. Select File > System Parameters > System tab.
    2. In the Datasets section, set George Institute.
    3. Click Save iconSave and enter the daily authority code provided to you by Communicare Support.
  2. Enable the George Institute HealthTracker Dataset in Communicare:
    1. Ensure that no-one is using the Communicare server or clients.
    2. From the Communicare installation folder, run CCCentralDataUpdate.exe.
      Tip: The central database can be found at C:\Data\CENTRAL.fdb.
  3. The HealthTracker report references a number of family history clinical items. Add the following clinical items to File > Reference Tables > Clinical Item Types if they do not already exist, using the following values:

    Example family history clinical item used in Healthtracker
    Table 1. Family history clinical items referenced by HealthTracker
    Formal Terms Topic Export Code
    FH: Chronic Kidney Disease Urological FH-CKD
    FH: Diabetes Mellitus Endocrine, Metabolic and Nutritional FH-DIAB
    FH: Cardiovascular Disease <60 Cardiovascular FH-CVD
    FH: Myocardial Infarction 45-60 Cardiovascular FH-MI45+
    FH: Myocardial Infarction <45 Cardiovascular FH-MI45-
    FH: Myocardial Infarction >60 Cardiovascular FH-MI60+
    For all clinical items, ensure the following fields are also set:
    • Natural Language - use the value used in Formal Terms
    • Class - set to History
    • Viewing Right - set to Common
    • Set Summary, Date only, Enabled

The HealthTracker dataset is enabled.

Communicare Support configure the integration settings. To view the settings, select File > System Parameters > HealthTracker tab. Do not change these settings unless instructed to by Communicare Support or our technical teams.

Note: Add the Risk Dial Web Service URL as a Trusted Site to each user's internet browser settings.

George Institute has assigned rulesets to Communicare on the HealthTracker Service Platform which is available for integration and consumption. It has input and output requirements, all accessible using the same Service API. The health assessment result is available to Communicare for users to interpret and can also be saved as part of a patient clinical record.