National Cancer Screening Register

Communicare integrates with the National Cancer Screening Register (NCSR).

The NCSR stores a single electronic record for each person in Australia participating in the national cervical and bowel screening programs.

The NCSR provides two portals:
  • Participant Portal - people who are involved in the cervical or bowel screening programs can access this portal through their MyGov account. The NCSR sends invitations, reminders and results to participants and these are displayed on the participant portal.
  • Healthcare Provider Portal - view a history of screening results and manage your patient’s participation in the bowel and cervical screening programs
Communicare integrates with the Healthcare Provider Portal to:
  • Display alerts from the NCSR in Communicare
  • Allow the healthcare provider to access participant data, manage your patient’s participation in the bowel and cervical screening programs, update details such as patient information, program forms and so on

The NCSR is not supported in the Offline client.

The following clinicians can access the NCSR:
  • Healthcare professionals with a Medicare provider number
  • Nurses and medical practice or lab staff without a Medicare provider number acting as a delegate of a healthcare provider with a provider number
  • Providers with a Register Identifier Number – a unique number used to authenticate cervical screening test providers not eligible for a Medicare provider number

For more information about the NCSR, see NCSR.