National KPI reports

Communicare provides reports to cover National Key Performance Indicators for Indigenous Primary Health Care (2012).

Patient List Reports

Each indicator has a corresponding report that shows a list of patients included in the KPI.

Indigenous Definition

A patient is considered Indigenous if recorded as either Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander, or both.

KPI Numbering

Please note that KPI numbering is not consecutive. For example the first indicator is PI01, while the second is PI03.

Regular Clients

The user may select between AIHW's definition of Regular Client (attended the OATSIH-funded primary health care service at least 3 times in 2 years), or Communicare's Current Patient status.

Reporting Period

  • The reporting period is usually for one year, however the user may choose the last date to be included for each report. Most indicators are for a calendar year, so the user should select a Last Report Date of December 31 for the year required.
  • Patients deceased at the end of the reporting period are not included in the indicators.

Age Groups

Most reports are broken down into several different age groups.
Table 1. National KPI report age groups
Age Group No. Description
1 0 - 4 years
2 5 - 14 years
3 15 - 24 years
4 25 - 34 years
5 35 - 44 years
6 45 - 54 years
7 55 - 64 years
8 65+ years

Type II Diabetes

Some indicators depend on all current patients with diabetes having the condition recorded in Communicare using a clinical item with an appropriate ICPC-2 PLUS code. AIHW sites should already have these conditions recorded appropriately. HbA1c results must be recorded in a qualifier (this is done automatically for sites receiving pathology results electronically in HL7 format) and blood pressure must also be recorded in the appropriate qualifiers.

At the time of writing the report looks for any clinical item with the ICPC-2 PLUS code of T90:
  • Diabetes;Type 2
  • Diabetes;Type 2;insulin treate
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Diabetes;latent autoimmune
  • Diabetes;adult onset
  • Diabetes;non insulin depend

Indicators that require an HbA1c Test search for any qualifiers with a system code of HBA.