My Health Record Prescription and Dispense View

The My Health Record Prescription and Dispense View is opened as a CDA document on the My Health Record Document Viewing window. Documents loaded to eRx with consent sent to the My Health Record are presented as CDA documents.

All buttons are disabled except for Print, Close, and Help.

The only section displayed in the details area of the window is the group box with the following fields:
  • From Date (Date Time Picker), which defaults to either 60 days previously or the interval in days used the last time the view was used.
  • To Date (Date Time Picker), which defaults to today.
  • Group By (Drop Down List), see below.
  • Refresh

Group By

The 'Group By' drop down list contains Prescription, Generic Name, PBS Item Code, and Brand Name.

Always defaults to Prescription.


When refresh is clicked, if any of the dates have changed, the CDA is downloaded and rendered again from My Health Record.


If the checkbox on the medication details was checked for one or more medications, and the details were sent to ETP, and the patient has a My Health Record, then the medication will appear in the My Health Record prescription view.

If a medication that has been sent to My Health Record Prescription View is stopped or deleted, then the medication will be updated on the view to show as 'cancelled'.

The document view displays both prescribed and dispensed items. Individual prescriptions and dispense event items are displayed as hyperlinks. When clicked, the link opens the CDA document for the prescription or dispense event in another document view window.

When the view is closed, if the user has changed the values in the From and To date fields, these values are used as the default values next time the My Health Record Prescription and Dispense view is accessed.