Procedure Outcome/Topic Analysis

This report is available in the following styles:

* Patient Conditions by Topic and Frequency * Lists Condition Topics (Clinical_Item_Type Topic for Class = Condition) for conditions in descending order by frequency. For each topic, lists patient details (site/patient/birthdate) for patients in the population. Note that "frequency" is the number of occurrences of the Topic in the population defined by the selection in effect (the selected site, or all sites etc).

* Procedure Outcome Analysis * Lists for each procedure qualifiers measured as part of that procedure, and summarizes (counts, averages) the outcomes.

Average outcomes display only for numerical qualifiers. Displayed precision of averages is 2 fractional decimal digits more than the number of fractional decimal digits actually encountered in the data for that qualifier.

* Procedure Outcomes for Patient * Shows qualifiers and their outcomes in order by date for each patient.