Service Record Filter Selections

Use the Service Record Filter Selections window to determine which service records are displayed in the Service Recording window.

To display the Service Record Filter Selections window, in the Service Recording window, click Filter iconFilter.

You can refine the services displayed by service progress, claim status, date, provider, place, mode and speciality.

Select the type of service records to display. Click the status buttons to change the patients displayed, for example, to view only those patients waiting and currently in consultation. Select from:
  • Booked appointment iconBooked
  • Waiting appointment iconWaiting
  • Started appointment iconStarted
  • Paused appointment iconPaused
  • Finished appointment iconFinished
  • Withdrawn appointment iconWithdrawn
  • Cancelled appointment iconCancelled

To display services for dates other than today, select a date in the calendar.

To display finished appointments displayed based on their bulk bill claim status, set Claim Status and select from the following statuses:
  • Claimed - a claim has been made.
  • Unclaimed - a claimable service has not yet been claimed. This filter will include claims which are unclaimable, which will appear with no status icon.
  • Not claimable - the service has been marked as not claimable.

You can limit services to those for a specific provider or select (all providers) to show consultations for all providers. It will not filter services that do not have a provider yet.

You can also restrict the services displayed to a particular Encounter Place. Select an Administrative Encounter Place to show services from all Service Encounter Places that belong to it.

Use speciality filters to limit the display to only those services that have a provider with the chosen speciality or specialities. It will not filter services that do not have a speciality yet.

To include services for fictitious patients, set Include Fictitious Patients.

To include services for deceased patients, set Include Deceased Patients.