Starting a Service

Every time you open a clinical record, a service is started. You have the option of keeping the service or not when you close the clinical record.

To capture statistics for OATSIH Service Activity Reporting, Communicare does not allow anything to be recorded or edited on a person's clinical record until you have defined the service, that is, who provided the service and what date the service was provided.

To define a new service, open a clinical record, either directly or in Service Recording.

Starting a service from Service Recording

To start a service from Service Recording:
  1. In the main toolbar, click Service Recording buttonService Recording.
  2. In the list, double-click a patient who is already queued and click Open Clinical Record.
  3. If the patient has a status of Waiting, click Yes to confirm that you want to see the patient now.
If the patient is not already listed, first add them:
  1. In the main toolbar, click Service Recording buttonService Recording.
  2. Click Add iconAdd and select a patient.
  3. Select a session.
  4. Select a provider, place, mode details (if not already defined - see Preselecting the Provider) and date and click Save.
  5. Double-click the patient and click Open Clinical Record.

The service is started and you can record clinical items.

Starting a service from the Clinical Record

Open a Clinical Record to automatically start a service for today using the provider, place and mode already selected. If you do not have these details preselected you will see a form requesting these details (see Provider\, Mode\, Place Selection).

To start a service from the Clinical Record, on the main toolbar, click Clinical Record and select the patient.

Editing a service

When revisiting a clinical record on a particular day, do not start a new service unless the patient has left and returned for a different reason. You should normally select the existing service.

To add more details to an existing service (for example, to complete progress notes at the end of the day or record a home visit):
  1. In the Service Recording window, double-click the required patient.
  2. Click Open Clinical Record.
  3. In the Select Service window, select the required service and click Yes - Open selected service.
  4. On the Progress Notes tab, today's services are listed on the service pane on the right.
  5. Double-click the item you want to edit, update it and click Save.
  6. Close the service.
  7. Select the required Medicare option.