Transport Services

Use Transport Services to record the number of clients picked up and dropped off from various places.

To use this functionality, the Transport Services module must be enabled and your user group must have the Transport Services system right.
To add a transport entry:
  1. In the Communicare toolbar, click Transport Services.
  2. In the Transport Services window, from the Date calendar, select the date to which the service applies.
  3. To add drivers, journey distances and journey times:
    1. In the top pane, click Add iconAdd.
    2. From the Transport Driver list, select the driver. The list of drivers contains all providers who have been designated as Transport Drivers. For more information, see Providers.
  4. To add stops to the journey:
    1. In the lower pane, click Add iconAdd.
    2. From the Pick-up / Drop-off Place list, select a stop. This list contains all places that have been designated as transport stops in the address book. For more information, see Address Book Entry.
    3. In the count columns, enter a number for how many passengers, male and female, were picked up and dropped off. Add any patients who were scheduled to be picked up, but did not attend to the DNA column.
    4. Repeat steps a-c for all stops.
  5. Click Save iconSave.