Transport Management

The Transport Management module enables you to plan transport arrangements and track their outcomes.

Similar to appointments, transport requirements are booked ahead of the required date, and must be associated with a patient. There are two types of transport requirements:
  • Arranged with patient's knowledge
  • Arranged without patient's knowledge
When a transport requirement is completed, there are several completion statuses:
  • Patient did not attend (only valid for requirements arranged with patient's knowledge)
  • Patient could not be found (only valid for requirements arranged without patient's knowledge)
  • Transport Provided
  • Refused by patient
  • Cancelled by patient
  • Cancelled by service
  • Patient transport by other means
  • Appointment rescheduled
Transport requirements can be arranged from the following locations in Communicare:
  • In the Communicare toolbar, click Transport Management iconTransport Management.
  • When booking an appointment, click Transport
  • In the Clinical Record toolbar, click Transport
  • When creating a referral using a clinical item, for example, Referral;dentist, click Add Transport Requirement

Clinical Record

When arranging a transport requirement from the Clinical Record, the requirement is automatically linked to the current patient, and is set as Arranged with patient's knowledge.


In a clinical item referral, when you click Add Transport Requirement to arrange a transport requirement, information included in the referral is transferred to the transport requirement automatically, including patient details. The dropoff date and time for transport also default to the appointment date and time on the referral. If changes are made to the referral after the transport requirement is added, the transport requirement is not updated, and vice versa.

The default values depend on whether it is a From or To referral:
  • For From referrals:
    • Pickup place defaults to the patient's home address
    • Dropoff place defaults to the current encounter place
  • For To referrals:
    • Pickup place defaults to the patient's home address
    • Dropoff place defaults to the Organisation on the referral


For transport requirements added when an appointment is booked:
  • The comments field in the appointment requirements grid is copied to the Comments field in the transport requirement.
  • The user's intials are added to the Operator Initials field
  • The pickup place for the transport requirement is set to the patient's home address
  • The dropoff place is set to the encounter place of the appointment
  • The dropoff time is set to the time of the appointment
  • The requirement arrangement is set to Arranged with patient's knowledge.

If you cancel an appointment with an associated transport requirement generated by the appointment booking, you are prompted to also cancel the associated transport requirement.


When you arrive, start or finish a service and there is an unresolved transport requirement for the current patient, you are prompted to resolve the transport requirement. You can enter a transport provider, and determine the completion status for the requirement, or leave it unresolved if necessary.