Transport Requirement List

Use the Transport Requirement List window to view the list of the transport requirements for patient pickups and dropoffs, and add edit or cancel transport requirements.

To display the Transport Requirement List window:
  • In the Communicare toolbar, click Transport Management iconTransport Management
  • When booking an appointment, click Transport
By default, active transport requirements from the last year are displayed, ordered by pickup date and time. Filter the list of transport requirements in the following ways:
  • To narrow the list to a particular date range, select the required dates in the From and To calendars.
  • To view all transport requirements for the selected period, including those that have been resolved, deselect Hide Inactive.
  • Sort the records either by pickup or dropoff date and time. Set Pickup to order the records by the pickup date and time. Alternatively, set Dropoff to order by dropoff date and time.

To add a new transport requirement, click Add iconAdd. For more information, see Transport Requirement Maintenance.

To edit a transport requirement:
  1. Select a record and click Edit iconEdit.
  2. In the Transport Requirement Maintenance window, update the required details.
To cancel or complete a transport requirement:
  1. Select a record and click Cancel iconCancel.
  2. Select a cancellation reason and click Save iconOK. The cancellation reasons available are dependent on the arrangement type.

Print Transport Requirements

You can print a report of all the active transport requirements for a given day for drivers or those who cannot access reports.

To print the transport requirements for a given day:
  1. Click Print iconPrint Transport List.
  2. In the Date to Report field, enter the required date.
  3. The report includes all drivers by default. If you want to generate the report for a particular driver, from the Transport Driver list, select the driver you want to print the list for.
  4. Click Save iconOK.

A list of all of active transport requirements for the specified day and driver is displayed. To print the report, click Print iconPrint.