V19.1 Release Notes

Release notes for V19.1.


There have been improvements to the error-handling of outgoing Argus messages. Enhanced logging will also enable us to make future improvements to secure messaging in Communicare.


Session Type is now displayed in the patient services list. This is to assist the providers and other service employees to know the role of the service provider for which the service is booked

Imaging Request Forms

WA Health plain paper radiology has been removed from the list of Imaging Printing Format options.

System Parameters

The Auto Logon option has been removed from the system parameters.


  • Some additional Dialect 3 errors with reports have been addressed. Note that local reports may still have issues - contact the helpdesk for advice.
  • Reminder letter reports have been updated to place the patient's address in the window of standard DL envelopes to better support displaying the address.


Two new kin types of Caseworker and Foster Carer have been added

Features for Western Australian Country Health Service (WACHS)

S100 Management
  • A new feature to manage the consolidated ordering of S100 Medications for an S100 certified encounter place is now supported. Currently, this feature is only available to WACHS.
  • Users can now generate a consolidated order for all patients who have medications that are ordered and collected from eligible S100 Encounter Places/ Sites. This feature produces a consolidated order report that can be sent to a selected S100 pharmacy, using the Address Book.
  • Once the pharmacy processes the order and delivers the medications to the encounter place, staff can acknowledge the receipt of the order and update the S100 inventory in Communicare to monitor the stock levels for the Patient. Users can also record the supply of these medications to the patient without the need for dispensing. This S100 Supply is separate to the existing Supply feature in Communicare.
Referral Management
  • Performance improvements have implemented into producing the list of referrals. The list no longer auto-populates allowing the user to select the desired filter settings prior to selecting the ‘Search' button that retrieves the lists of referrals
  • Documents attached to the referral are now displayed in a (modeless) second active window, allowing to user to easily transpose information from the attachment to the referral. Please note that only one attachment can be displayed at a time.

.Net Requirements

In order for Communicare to run .Net 4.5.2 or greater needs to be installed.