Current Status

Use Current status to indicate a person's primary relationship to your health service.

Current status is used in reports and analysis to accurately select only the appropriate people. For example, a Recalls Due report would normally be targeted at only current patients.

A person's status may be any one of the following:
  • Current Patient - those who currently make use of the health service and whose information is thought to be up-to-date.
  • Transient - those who make use of the health service on a temporary basis, and whose information may or may not be up-to-date.
  • Banned 30 days - those who are disallowed from using the health service for 30 days from the date of banning.
  • Banned 60 days - those who are disallowed from using the health service for 60 days from the date of banning.
  • Past Patient - those who no longer use the health service and whose information is not thought to be up-to-date.
  • Fictitious Patient - fictitious patients do not exist and are used for training purposes.
  • Non Patient - people recorded in the system who are not patients. Non-patients are not included in most reports and are excluded from recalls, unless Status is set to Non-Patients. If a non-patient becomes a patient of your clinic, ensure that you change their status to Current Patient. Examples of non-patients include:
    • People attending group activities, such as children attending Earbus
    • Patients who don't attend the service for their primary care, such as patients attending the dental service but who attend another clinic for their chronic disease
    • Anonymous needle exchange patients
    • HACC carer

A person can belong to only one status group at any one time.

To set the current status of a patient, in the Biographics record, go to the Administration tab, and from the Patient status list, select the required status.

To view a person's status history, click Advanced. For more information, see Group Membership.

When a person's death is recorded, the system automatically exits them from their last status group so that deceased people are automatically excluded from status-based reports.

Automatic Patient Status Change

Each day, the Communicare database is checked and one of the checks is to automatically adjust a patient's status if there has been a change. For more information about the rules by which a status is automatically changed, see Automatic Patient Status Change. The status of non-patients is never updated automatically.