Service Record - Private

Check the Private Billing items claimed on the Private tab.

To display the Private tab, at the end of a service, on the Detail tab, set the Claim Type to Private.

To generate an invoice for Private Billing items, enter the following details:
  • Bill To - a list of all the Billing Types recorded under File > Reference Tables > Private Billing > Billing Types.
  • Reference - record an external reference number to be displayed on the invoice for the claim.
  • Payer - select the payer for the service. By default, the patient is added as the payer if they are 15 years or older. To add a new payer to the list, click Add Payer and select a payer from the list of existing Individual or Organisation payers. If the Billing Type is Individual, the payer is added from the Payer Management or the Address Book.
  • Contact Details - displays the contact details of the selected payer in read-only mode. For organisations, Attn: is displayed with the contact details of a contact person if recorded in the Address Book.
  • Fee items - a list of fee items recorded in the Fee Schedule under File > Reference Tables > Private Billing > Fee Schedule. The Amount column displays the amount associated with the selected Bill To item.
    To find an item:
    • Find Item - search for fee items by item code or the description.
    • Claim another item - to add the same item again, click Add iconAdd.
  • Enter the following details for each selected fee item:
    • Inpatient - if you want to claim the items as an inpatient service, set Inpatient.
    • Service Text - comments for the selected fee item.
    • Number of Patients Seen - the number of patients seen for the selected item.
    • Override Type
    • Not normal aftercare item - set if this is not a normal aftercare item.
    • Not Duplicate Service - set if this is not a duplicate service.
    • Not multiple procedure - set if this is not a multiple procedure item.
  • Specialist Services - if the item being claimed requires details of a referring provider, set Specialist Services and enter the following information.
    Tip: Click Use last referrer to add the details of the last referring provider for that patient.
    • Referring Provider No - the provider number of the referring provider.
    • Referral Issue Date - the referral issue date.
    • Provider Name - the referring provider name.
    • Referring Period Type - the referring period type, Standard 3 months by default.
    • Override Type - if referred services were provided without referral from another health professional, select an override type.
  • Enter payment details:
    • Total Amount - the sum of the schedule fees for all selected fee items, calculated automatically.
    • Payment Method - the preferred method of payment for the service. The default payment method of Account is overwritten by the default payment method of the payer.
    • Amount Paid - the amount paid by the payer. If the patient pays the full amount of the invoice, click Pay in Full. The total amount is added to the Amount Paid field automatically. If the total amount changes, click Pay In Full again to update the value in the Amount Paid field.
      Note: If Amount Paid is 0.00, the Payment Method must be set to Account. If the Amount Paid is greater than 0.00, the Payment Method cannot be set to Account.
    • Balance Due - the amount not paid yet by the payer. That is, the difference between the total amount and the amount paid.
    • Total MBS Amount - the total of the selected MBS item fee. If any of the selected fee items don't have an MBS item fee, Derived is displayed, otherwise the total MBS amount is displayed
    • Gap Amount - the difference between the Fee Schedule item fee and the MBS item fee. If there are no linked MBS items, both the total MBS fee and the gap are 0.00. If any of the selected Fee Items don't have an MBS item Fee, Derived is displayed, otherwise the gap amount is displayed.

To create an invoice or receipt for the selected payer and fee items, click Invoice / Receipt. In the Confirm window, check that the amount paid and the claiming provider are correct. If the claiming provider is incorrect, click No and on the Detail tab, correct the claimant. To create the invoice, on the Private tab, click Invoice/Receipt again.

After the invoice is created, the Private Billing tab becomes read only. If you need to make any further changes to the invoice after it has been created, for more information, see Private_Billing_Administration.

To save the Service Record details without creating an invoice, make sure there is no value for Amount Paid and click Save. If the amount paid is greater than 0.00, an invoice is created.

To view the history of all the transactions for the patient, click Transaction History.