Editing Providers

Use the Provider window to configure providers for your health service.

A provider is anyone who provides health care for a patient (such as, a doctor, health worker, nurse, and so on) who may or may not be a billing entity. Specifically, a servicing provider is defined by Medicare.

Communicare Administrators can enable and disable providers, restrict providers to a scope of practice, schedule or encounter place, and edit details of a provider, including the provider's name, speciality, provider number and so on.

Add, edit the details of, or delete providers as required.

You must have the Provider Administration system right to access and modify any provider record.

To work with providers:
  1. Select File > Providers.
  2. In the Providers window:
    • To edit a provider, select the provider in the list and click Edit row iconEdit.
    • To add a new provider, click Add iconAdd.
    • To delete a provider, select the provider in the list and click Delete iconDelete.
    • Providers who have a Disabled Date in the past are set as inactive and are greyed-out. To hide all providers who are inactive, set Hide Disabled.
  3. Click Save.