System Parameters - Patient

Use the Patient tab to control the information required for patient biographics and search.

The following system parameters are available on the Patient tab.

Table 1. Patient tab parameters
Parameter Description
Address Type Set data entry for addresses to one of the following options:
  • Standard - use in urban or rural contexts where a person has a conventional postal address
  • Locality - use when patients live in remote communities or similar, where a conventional address is not used, such as Joan Smith, Jigalong.
Default Community Set the default community to help speed up data entry.
Inactivity years See Automatic Patient Status Change.
Patient Indicator Select a clinical item group to highlight in gold on the Details panel in the Patient Search for any patient with a clinical item belonging to that group.
IHI Revalidation Period Set the number of hours that the IHI remains usable with each patient's My Health Record without requiring validation with the HI Service.
Enable Patient Photo Set whether the patients' photos are displayed.
Enable Extended Identifiers Set whether to store additional patient identifiers against a patient, which can also be used in the Patient search to find a patient. This is useful when you have more than one MRN or want to use identifiers from other systems, such as a hospital system.
Single Field Patient Search Set whether one or multiple fields can be used to search for a patient.
Skin Set whether a patient's skin group can be recorded
Telephone numbers Set whether a patient's telephone numbers can be recorded
Preferred language Set whether a patient's preferred language can be recorded.
Language spoken at home Set whether the patient's language that they speak at home can be recorded
Country of birth Set whether a patient's birth country can be recorded.
Birthplace Set whether a patient's birth place can be recorded.
Marital status Set whether a patient's marital status can be recorded.
Occupation Set whether a patient's occupation can be recorded.
Special Define the optional special purpose data items displayed on the Administration tab:
  • Special Checkbox - enter the description you want to appear beside the check box. Use the check box to limit the selection of patients on most reports. For example, use the check box to identify patients participating in a particular health promotion program. You could then run a report that includes only those patients. Leave the description blank if you do not want the check box to appear.
  • Special Lookup - enter the description you want to appear beside the Special Lookup check box. Use the check box to create an additional list in the UI of extra options and a reference table. Leave the description blank if you do not want the Lookup list to be displayed.
User-defined Terms
  • Nyaparu term - enter the term used for Nyaparu or similar
  • MRN term - enter the text used for the MRN field caption.
  • Display MRN in Clinical Record - set to display the MRN caption and MRN in the title bar when a clinical record is displayed.
  • Existing file - set a name for the field used to record an alternative file number for a patient. For example, Paper file no.
Special Check Use to customise the Special Patient Check field, that allows for important checks which must be confirmed before the user can open the patient's Clinical Record. Set the following:
  • Caption - set the name or type of check being used, for example, Patient Consent Check
  • Message - a question with a Yes/No answer, indicating that access to the Clinical Record is prevented until the Special Check is confirmed. Contact Communicare Support to change this message.