Starting Communicare

I can't start Communicare

You try to start Communicare and get a message 'Communicare Server XXXXXXXX cannot be found. Please contact your systems administrator for assistance'.

Can anyone else connect?

  • UNSURE - Try logging on to another workstation
  • YES - This means the server is working fine. Please check all cables are connected correctly. The blue cable must be securely connected. Try to re-open Communicare
  • NO - Ask your system administrator to restart the Communicare server

If the Communicare server appears to be running but you are still unable to open Communicare on the workstation, please check to see if you can establish an internet connection and do a search.

Is the internet working OK?

  • NO - It appears that you have lost your connection to the network. Contact your systems administrator.
  • YES - Contact the Communicare Support and request remote assistance for further investigation of the problem.

Logging in to Communicare

I can't log in to the offline client

When you try to login to the offline client, you get the message: Username or password is incorrect. Check the Caps Lock on your keyboard. Usernames are not case sensitive but passwords are

You keep getting this error even though you're sure you have entered the correct password.

Are you a new user?

If you've only just been given a login to Communicare, then your username/password combination may not have propagated down to the offline client yet. This is because the offline client uses yesterday's data as it's baseline - if you weren't on the system yesterday, then it won't know that you exist!

Make sure you notify your system administrator that you will be unable to use the offline client for your work today - you will need to use the online client instead. Tomorrow, you should be able to log in the offline client fine, provided there was a backup the previous night.

Still can't log in?

If you are still unable to log in, then contact the Communicare Support for further investigation of the problem.

Printing from Communicare

I can't print from Communicare

You try to print something from Communicare and nothing happens.

Can you print from Microsoft Word or another program?

  • NO - It is possible that your default printer is not configured or available. See your systems administrator
  • YES - Check File > Printer Assignments to see which printer has been allocated to each Communicare printing task. Confirm that the correct printer has been allocated to the correct task. If you have only one available printer then selecting (Default) for each task is recommended. Restart Communicare if you make any changes

Is Communicare now printing correctly?

  • NO - Go to File > Printer Assignments and highlight the printing task you are wishing to do. Check the 'Show printer dialog' box. Restart Communicare. When you attempt to print the printer selection box appears so you can manually specify the exact printer
  • NO - Make sure that your printer is not using a PCL 6 driver (If it is change to a Post Script driver). See your systems administrator for help with this.
  • NO - Contact your Communicare Administrator

Do I have an Internet connection

If you are having problems sending or receiving information to/from outside organisations

You may have lost your connection to the Internet

Can you connect to an Internet site?

Open your browser, usually Internet Explorer or Firefox and attempt to go to an Australian site such as or
  • NO - Check your equipment, make sure everything is plugged securely (sometimes network cables can work loose just enough to break the connection but not fall out) and turned on. Sometimes, turning everything off and on can fix the problem. If none of this works, call your ISP (Internet Service Provider such as BigPond or similar).
  • YES - Contact the Communicare Support.

I cannot find the browser or I am on a slow connection

If you are not using a proxy, to check that you have connection to the internet:

  1. Go to Start > Run cmd.exe
  2. When the command prompt appears, type ping and press Enter.
If you have an internet connection, you should get a response similar to the following:
Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data:

Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=56
Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=56
Reply from bytes=32 time=12ms TTL=56
Reply from bytes=32 time=11ms TTL=56

Ping statistics for
    Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
    Minimum = 11ms, Maximum = 12ms, Average = 11ms