Appointment Session Insertion

The Session Templates List is displayed when you insert a session into the Appointment Book.

Sessions with a type of Weekly are inserted automatically. As you open up booking days in the future, you may need to add new sessions into which you can book appointments, or you may need to add additional sessions at any time.

You can view only those appointment sessions created from templates with an Encounter Program to which you have access. Similarly, when adding Appointment sessions, only templates with Encounter Programs you have access to, or no Encounter Program specified, are available. For more information, see Appointment Session Templates.

You can insert a session with a type of Manual for any day. Weekly sessions can be inserted manually only for the day of the week for which they have been defined.

To insert a session into the appointment book:
  1. In the Appointment Book, click Insert session iconInsert.
  2. In the Session Templates List, select the session you want to insert.
  3. Click Select iconOK.

The session is added to the Appointment Book unless it was not possible to insert the session because of overlaps between Providers or Facilities and so on.

If there are errors in the Template Application Log, analyse the information and select a different session to insert.