Appointment timeslots

A timeslot is the period in which an appointment is booked. Timeslots can be of any duration.

Timeslots have the following characteristics:
  • Number - controls the order of the timeslots within a session. Timeslot numbers are initially multiples of ten to facilitate easy insertion of new records.
  • Start time - calculated by the system.
  • Duration of the timeslot in minutes.
  • Reserved - timeslots that can not be booked. Reserved timeslots are useful for breaking up a session to allow some free time.
  • Release - time in minutes before which the timeslot can not be booked. For example, a 10AM timeslot with a 120 minute release cannot be booked before 8AM. Use release times to ensure that sessions are not completely booked too far in advance.
  • Merged - consecutive timeslots may be merged to create a longer appointment time.

Use the Appointment Timeslot Template window to specify how the timeslots within an Appointment Session should be arranged.