Reviewing Biographics

Review patients' biographic data regularly and particularly after patient records have been merged.

A patient merge removes all review details and patient biographics. See Patient Merge for more details.

To review a patient's record:

  1. Click Patient Biographics buttonPatient Biographics.
  2. Enter the name of the patient whose record you want to review.
  3. Double-click the required patient in the list.
  4. Update any details.
    Note: It is useful to keep a history of addresses associated with a patient, so that when they move it is easier to locate them and their relatives. For new addresses, always click + Add and add a new address rather than amending an existing address. If you do need to correct an existing address, edit the address and click 'No' when asked if the patient has moved to a new address.
  5. Click Review & Save.

Any changes to the biographic data and the username of the reviewer and date of the review are saved. Reviewer details and date are displayed in the Review section at the bottom of the Personal tab when the biographics are next opened.