Changing Biographics

You can update a patient's existing data, including their Medicare details, and add new patient names and patient addresses to a patient record.

If you belong to a user group with the Patient Edit system right, you can also update a patient's sex, date of birth and preferred name.

Updating patient biographics

To change a patient's biographics:
  1. Click Biographics wherever it is displayed, or on the Patient Search window, click Change Details after performing a search.
  2. In the Change Person Details window, update the required fields.
    Fields where information is missing are highlighted in gold.
    Note: It is useful to keep a history of addresses associated with a patient, so that when they move it is easier to locate them and their relatives. For new addresses, always click + Add and add a new address rather than amending an existing address. If you do need to correct an existing address, edit the address and click No when asked if the patient has moved to a new address.
  3. Click Next to step through the tabs and update information as required.
  4. Click Save.