Care Plans

Use the Care Plan tab on the Summary in the clinical record to manage a patient's care plans.

Before you can add a care plan for a patient, the care plan template must be added to Communicare and assigned the Document type of Care plan template and a viewing right. Care plans are displayed on both the Care Plan tab and on the Detail tab under the class of Documents. For more information, see Communicare Templates.

To view care plans, you must belong to a user group with the same viewing right as that assigned to the care plan template, typically Care Plan.

The icon for the Care Plan tab changes according to the content.
  • No active care plans icon with white background - displayed when there are no active care plans
  • Active care plans icon, with green background - displayed if there are one or more active care plans and you have the correct viewing rights to see the care plan
To add a new care plan for a patient:
  1. In the patient's clinical record, on the Summary > Care Plantab, click Add iconNew Care Plan.
  2. In the Select Document Template window, select the required care plan and click Select iconSelect.
    Tip: Each patient can have only one care plan for each topic.
    A blank care plan opens in the Letter Writer.
  3. Complete the care plan as required.
  4. Click Close window iconClose and in the Save window, click Yes.
  5. Click Save iconSave.

The care plan is saved in the user's clinical record and displayed on the Care Plan tab.

If you need to print the care plan, on the Care Plan tab, click Print iconPrint/Preview Current Care Plan.

If you need to update a care plan, click Revise care plan iconRevise Care Plan and repeat steps 3-5 above.

If the selected care plan is no longer required or valid, to archive the care plan, click Archive care plan iconArchive Care Plan. The archived care plan document is available on the Detail tab.

Multiple care plans

If you have multiple care plan templates that belong to separate default topics, you can add more than one care plan, as long as each care plan uses a template with a different default topic. For example, a patient can have two care plans, one that belongs to the General & Unspecified default topic and the other that belongs to the Psychological default topic.

If a patient has multiple care plans, on the Care Plan tab, Multiple is displayed beside the topic.
Multiple care plans in a clinical record

To display the required care plan, select the topic to which it belongs from the Care Plan list.