Obstetrics & Pregnancy

Use the Obstetrics tab to view all pregnancies past and present, start and end a pregnancy, and record antenatal checkups.

Only users who have the Maternal & Sexual Health viewing right will see the details on the Obstetrics tabs.

The antenatal record records the pregnancy number for all ICPC-2 PLUS clinical items that record either a pregnancy start, pregnancy check or pregnancy end.

Your Administrator can customise Communicare pregnancy items:
  • Use your own antenatal check by attaching the System Code of PRE and the Rule Code of PR-CHECK to an item
  • Disable any of the pregnancy end items provided by ICPC-2 PLUS that are not required

All Obstetrics tabs

All Obstetrics tabs display the following information:
  • Description of Pregnancy - lists information from each antenatal check. To view information from previous pregnancies where relevant, click Next Pregnancy or Previous Pregnancy arrows on either side of the heading.
  • Relevant Medical History - displays any important clinical items that relate to obstetrics for which Display on Obstetric Summary has been set. To remove an item from the list, deselect Display on Obstetric Summary in the clinical item or right-click the item in the list and select Remove Item from Obstetric Summary.

    Set the default value of Display on Obstetric Summary in the clinical item type in the Clinical Item Type Reference Table.

Deleting Pregnancy Start and Pregnancy End items recorded by mistake

If you accidentally record an incorrect new pregnancy, end pregnancy or past pregnancy item, delete the item from the Detail tab or the Progress Notes tab.

In the Obstetrics tab, you can double-click an item to edit it, but you cannot delete it.