Adding custom forms

If required, you can add custom forms to Communicare.

You can add files to the Communicare Directory\Distributable Documents\Custom folder to be displayed in Communicare, including PDFs, Microsoft Word files, shortcuts and web links.

Note: You cannot add executable files, or shortcuts or links to executable files, to Communicare. The following table lists files that cannot be added.
Table 1. Executable files that cannot be added to Communicare
File extension Description
BAT Batch File
BIN Binary Executable
CMD Command Script
COM Command File
CPL Control Panel Extension
EXE Executable
GADGET Windows Gadget
INF1 Setup Information File
INS Internet Communication Settings
INX InstallShield Compiled Script
ISU InstallShield Uninstaller Script
JOB Windows Task Scheduler Job File
JSE JScript Encoded File
LNK File Shortcut - LNK files can be added as long as they do not link to an executable file.
MSC Microsoft Common Console Document
MSI Windows Installer Package
MSP Windows Installer Patch
MST Windows Installer Setup Transform File
PAF Portable Application Installer File
PIF Program Information File
PS1 Windows PowerShell Cmdlet
REG Registry Data File
RGS Registry Script
SCR Screensaver Executable
SCT Windows Scriptlet
SHB Windows Document Shortcut
SHS Shell Scrap Object
U3P U3 Smart Application
VB VBScript File
VBE VBScript Encoded Script
VBS VBScript File
VBSCRIPT Visual Basic Script
WS Windows Script
WSF Windows Script
WSH Windows Script Preference

Applications installed on the workstation are used to open the files.

It is your responsibility to author, validate and distribute these files.

You can override a standard Communicare form with one of your own. If there is an identical form within the Communicare Directory\Distributable Documents\Custom folder to one within the Communicare Directory\Distributable Documents\Communicare folder, the form in the Custom folder will take precedence. Custom forms will not be erased when Communicare is upgraded.

Tip: Do not add files to Communicare Directory\Distributable Documents\Communicare directly. These files are deleted each time Communicare is upgraded.
To add custom forms and shortcuts to Communicare:
  1. Create Communicare Directory\Distributable Documents\Custom, where Communicare Directory is the directory to which Communicare has been installed, usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Communicare.
    The folder structure within this directory translates into menu items, with subfolders forming submenus. For example, if you add Communicare Directory\Distributable Documents\Custom\Help\Forms\ReadMe\ReadmeFile.pdf, ReadMe is added as a submenu to the Help > Forms > ReadMe menu, within which will be a new menu item ReadMeFile.
  2. Add the required files or shortcuts to the new folder.
    Add any type of file that you can open, but do not use special characters in the filename. To add a link to a web page, either:
    • Create a shortcut automatically - in Windows Explorer, drag the address bar icon from a web page into the folder
    • Create a new shortcut manually:
      1. In Windows Explorer, right-click and select New > Shortcut.
      2. In the Type the location of the item field, paste the URL for the required web page and click Next.
      3. In the Type a name for this shortcut field, enter the name which will be displayed in the menu, and click Finish.
  3. Restart Communicare.
Note: Add the files to the Communicare Directory\Distributable Documents\Custom folder for each workstation. If Communicare is accessed using a terminal service, you need to add the file only to the terminal server where Communicare is installed.

Refer to your local IT support for assistance with the distribution of the form files.