Browse For Duplicate Patient Records

Use Browse For Duplicate Records to locate all patient records that could be duplicates, based on name, sex and date of birth.

The following business rules apply:
  • All patient names are considered when matching names but only the surname and the first initial are used to match. The surname needs only to be a fuzzy match (e.g. "FILIPS" = "PHILLIPS", "WALIAMS" = "WILLIAMS", "DELL" = "DELIA", etc.). Patients with no first name are included if the surname has a fuzzy match.
  • Patients are only excluded by sex if each patient has a different sex - if one or both have no sex recorded, they are included.
  • Patients are only excluded by date of birth if each patient has an age that differs by more than 2% either way. This effectively means that for a patient who is 50 years old, the search includes other patients who are up to one year older and one year younger; for a 25 year old this is narrowed to six months older or six months younger.

For information about how the merge is accomplished, see Patient Merge.

To find and merge duplicate records:
  1. Select Patient > Browse For Duplicate Records.
  2. In the Browse For Duplicate Patient Records window, the potential duplicate records are listed in the top and bottom grids. Click NextNext to step through the records.
  3. If you have checked the records and agree that two records are duplicates, ensure that the record you want to keep is in the top grid and the record that you want to merge into it is in the bottom grid and click Merge the patient selected below into this patient.
  4. In the Confirm window, click Yes.

The records are merged.

Not all duplicate records will be identified. If you know of two records that are definitely duplicates, but have not been identified, use Patient Merge. See Patient Merge for more information.