Scenario 1

Only doctors prescribe PBS scripts, no verbal orders, no scope of practice.

Clinicians employed at our health service are authorised, within their defined national registration category, to write a prescription (for example, PBS) which is printed on individual PBS script paper.

We offer no other type of medication services.

System Parameter - Configuration

Configure the following settings in File > System Parameters.

Table 1. System Parameters - Configuration
System Parameters
System - Modules Medication View On
Medications Management Off
Prescribing On
System Parameters - Clinical Brand Off
Generic Prescribing On
Generic Prescribing Mandatory Off
Enforce choice of once off/short course or regular medication Optional
Print prescription by default Optional
Use Health Centre Prescription defaults Off
Show generics in Drug Browser Optional
Use default prescription repeats Optional
Show Prescriber’s Comments Off
Use RTPM Service VIC only optional
Require password on adverse reaction prescribing Optional
Enable label printing Off
Print Labels by default Off
Default label count Off
System Parameters - Prescription Forms Custom prescriptions Optional
Interactions - Include non-specific category interactions Optional
Interactions - Exclude minor non-specific pregnancy Optional
Consolidated orders Off
Consolidated order templates Off
Medication Requests
  • Name
  • Plural Name
  • Information Text
  • Selection Information Text
Medication Request template Off
Create medication request by default Off
Show out of stock inventory Off
Print S8 prescriptions on a separate page Off
System Parameters - Web Services Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Optional - but encouraged as a clinical safety initiative

Reference Tables - Configuration

Configure the following settings in File > Reference Tables.

Table 2. Reference Tables - Configuration
Reference Tables
Editing Encounter Places Medication Pick up Location Off
Formularies Formulary Optional - Create as required
Scope of Practice Scope of Practice Off

User Group - Configuration

Configure the following settings in File > User Groups.

Table 3. User Group - Configuration
User Groups
Provider Type System Right Viewing Right Program Right Formulary Right Scope of Practice
PBS Prescriber Consolidated Orders - Manage Off Common N/A Optional - Create as required Off
Medication View On
Medication Administer Off
Medication Dispense Off
Medication Supply Off
Medication History On
Prescribing Full On
Prescribing Once Off/Short course On
Imprest Management Off
Tip: On the Formulary Rights tab, set All Products formulary. Optionally create other locally defined formularies.

Providers - Configuration

Configure the following settings in File > Providers.

Table 4. Providers - Configuration
Provider Type Prescriber Number Verbal Order Schedule Drug Selection Encounter Place Use Scope of Practice
PBS Prescriber To be recorded Not viewable Not viewable Not viewable Not viewable

Printer Assignment - Configuration

Configure the following settings in File > Printer Assignments.

Table 5. Printer Assignments - Configuration
Printer Assignments
Printer Assignments Prescriptions Set tray default
Medication Labels - Label Template Off