Get started using Communicare, a digital care solution for rural and remote health services.

Communicare is an electronic medical records database for primary health care providers who service a defined community, such as Aboriginal Medical Services, and for entities that provide preventative health care, such as Community Health Centres.

Communicare's emphasis is on preventive and managed health care. It provides a comprehensive recall system and can be used as a recall only system, recording only medical information required to produce recalls.

Communicare provides reports for individual patients and community-based reporting, such as coverage of the target population for preventive health care procedures. Other features include:
  • A patient register with multiple patient names and history of patient addresses for a patient
  • Medical records by patient
  • Automated recalls based on age, sex, date of preceding events and patient conditions
  • Explicit support for the following classes of information:
    • Admissions
    • Conditions
    • Acute and chronic medication
    • History items
    • Immunisation
    • Procedures
    • Referrals
  • Recording of qualifiers and test results
  • Statistical analysis
  • Information grouped into medically significant categories (topics)
  • Service recording
  • Prescribing, including generic prescribing
  • Progress notes
  • Specific features for Aboriginal cultural beliefs, eg facility to designate a patient name as Nyaparu or similar term