Organisation Parameters - Electronic Claims

Use the Electonic Claims tab to configure parameters used to send Bulk Billing claims electronically to Medicare Australia. Ensure that your practice is registered with Medicare before configuring this module.

Table 1. Electonic Claims Organisation Parameters
Parameter Description
Location ID

The Location ID registered with Medicare Australia for the encryption certificates used to send Electronic Claims. Communicare Support provides each site with a location ID.

If you have only one Location ID, maintain it from here.

If you have multiple locations, use the Encounter Place maintenance form.

Crypto Store

The path to the Medicare Australia Crypto store file on the Communicare server. The Crypto Store holds the certificates for the Location ID and it is used when creating an online claiming session.

To load a different Crypto Store:
  1. Click Ellipsis iconEllipsis, locate your Crypto store file and load it into Communicare.
  2. Restart all Communicare clients before using Medicare Australia's online claiming. If you don't restart Communicare, the Electronic Claims module uses the old Crypto Store.
Password The password for the Medicare Australia Crypto Store.
Always print DB4 assignment form before submitting the Bulk Bill Claim Set to print the DB4 form once for every claim before submitting it. If you don't set this option, Communicare doesn't print the DB4 form automatically and you will have to print it using 'Print Medicare Assignment form' in the Service Recording window.