Organisation Parameters - Medicare Claims

Use the Medicare Claims tab to configure Medicare bulk billing and printing parameters.

Table 1. Medicare Claims Organisation Parameters
Parameter Description
Additional Bulk Bill Item (10990 or 10991) Enter the item, either 10990 or 10991, to be claimed for bulk billed clients under 16 and clients with a Health Care Card. Leave blank to disable the automatic addition of this MBS item to claims.
Type of Medicare Assignment Form
Select whether the Medicare Assignment Form will be printed on preprinted, tractor-fed forms or on plain paper.
Tip: Plain paper (online claiming) can only be printed when using the Electronic Claims module.
Assignment Form Copies

If you selected Plain paper (manual claiming), set which copies of the Assignment Form are printed. If you don't set either option, only the Medicare copy is printed.

If you selected Plain paper (online claiming), you don't print a copy for Medicare Australia so you need at most two copies. Communicare will always print the Practice copy, set Print Patient Copy if you also want to print the patient copy.

Batch Claims If using Batch claims for the organisation, set Enable Batch Claims.