Refresh Rates

Different modules in Communicare are refreshed automatically at set intervals.

You can also refresh a window manually at any time, using one of the following options:
  • Press F5
  • Click Refresh iconRefresh
  • Click Refresh
Table 1. Refresh Rates
Window Automatic Refresh Rate (in seconds) Description
Service Record List 60s or 120s

The service record list is automatically refreshed every minute if either the Service Recording window or the main Communicare window is the top level window and the Service Recording window has been idle for at least 10 seconds.

If these windows are in the background, the service record list is refreshed every two minutes.

Progress Notes (historical notes) 60s When two or more providers are working simultaneously in a clinical record, progress note changes are listed in the left pane in each of the other records every 60s when the changes are automatically saved and refreshed.
Private Billing Administration 30s