Shortcut Keys

Use the listed keys and key combinations as shortcuts.

Any window

Use the following keys and key combinations from any window.

Table 1. Shortcut keys from any window
Action Keys
Open Help to a page related to your location in Communicare F1
Close the current, active window ALT+F4
Call Request Remote Assistance CTRL+F2

Communicare main window

If you have the rights, use these shortcuts when the main window is active, that is, it is the only window open or you have any of the following windows open: Appointments, Service Recording, Clinical Record.

To use shortcut keystrokes to the main menus, press ALT to underline the control letters in the menus, then press the required letter to open the menu. For example:
  • Press ALT+F to open the File menu
  • Press ALT+F+T+P to open the Patient Group Maintenance window, which is the equivalent of selecting File > Reference Tables > Patient Groups
Table 2. Shortcut keys from the Communicare main window
Action Keys
Open Patient Search to open Biographics CTRL+B
Open Browse Documents CTRL+D
Open MIMS Drug Data CTRL+I
Open Patient Search to print Patient Labels CTRL+L
Open the new intramail message CTRL+M
Open the Intramail window CTRL+O
Open Patient Search to open a Clinical Record CTRL+R
Open the Scan Document window CTRL+S
Open the New Letter window CTRL+W
Open the Automated Recall Types window CTRL+ALT+A
Open the Address Book CTRL+ALT+B
Open the Clinical Item Type Maintenance window CTRL+ALT+C
Open the Providers window CTRL+ALT+P
Open the Qualifier Type Maintenance window CTRL+ALT+Q
Open the Reports Search window CTRL+ALT+R
Open the Session Templates window CTRL+ALT+S
Open the Query Builder SHIFT+CTRL+Q
Open the Load a query window SHIFT+CTRL+S
Open the Communicare Templates editor SHIFT+CTRL+T

Clinical Record

Use the following keys and keystrokes within the Clinical Record.

Table 3. Shortcut keys in the Clinical Record
Action Keys
Open the Drug Browser to select a medication for a prescription or medication order F9
Go to the current progress note on the Progress Notes tab F10
Open the Clinical Terms Browser and add a clinical item F11
Add a manual recall F12
If a medication order exists, open the Administer and Supply Medication window CTRL+F9
Open the Drug Browser to select a medication to add to medication history SHIFT+F9
Open the Add Investigation Request window and request an investigation SHIFT+F12
If you have the Medication View right, jump to the Medication Summary tab SHIFT+CTRL+F9

Service Recording

Use the following keys in the Service Recording window.

Table 4. Shortcut keys for Service Recording
Action Keys
Filter the display F3
Refresh the screen. Do this regularly F5
Record a patient's arrival F6
Record the time a service started F7
Record the time a service ended F8


Use the following keys and keystrokes in the Appointments window.

Table 5. Shortcut keys for Appointments
Action Keys
Book the selected appointment CTRL+ENTER
Cancel the selected appointment F2
Cancel a whole session SHIFT+F2
Refresh the appointment book F5
Cancel Last Patient mode ESC

Patient Search, Biographics

Press ALT and any underlined letter to go to that field or control. For example:
  • Press ALT+b to move the cursor to the Date of birth field
  • Press ALT+m to move the cursor to the Medicare field
  • Press ALT+e to add a new patient