System Parameters - Appearance

Use Appearance system parameters to control the text displayed in the Login and other windows.

The following settings are available on the Appearance tab.
Table 1. Appearance System Parameters
Parameter Description
Login Message

Use to display important text unique to your health service on the login window.

In the Login Message field, enter text to display in the Communicare login window in the Important text area.

Medication Confirmation

Use to display a Confirm Medication window when providers add or repeat medications when prescribing or creating a medication order. For example, to warn providers if clinical record information might be incomplete.

If any text is entered in the Medication Confirmation field, the Confirm Medication window is displayed for each Clinical Record and session.

If the provider clicks Confirm, the window is displayed only once for a session. If the provider clicks Cancel instead of Confirm, they cannot add a medication and the window is displayed each time they attempt to add or repeat a medication.

If the Medication Confirmation field is left blank, no confirmation window is displayed.