System Parameters - Integration

The Integration tab contains settings related to integration with other systems.

Table 1. Integration parameters
Parameter Description
Enable Integration Events For Enterprise customers, if you need to integrate data from Communicare with other, external systems, set Enable Integration Events to record an event whenever a patient is inserted, modified, deleted, or merged.
Note: Requires an nServiceBus licence.
CDA options
  • Private repository name - when the Third Party CDA module is set, enter the repository name used for large health services that use a private repository for CDA documents like the Event Summary and Shared Health Summary, instead of sending records directly to My Health Record. For example, enter The Viewer and to MHR if allowed and it exists.This name is used in the Service exit window, appended to the Send Event Summary and Send Shared Health Summary options.
  • Private repository short name - enter a name up to 30 characters to be used together with the Private repository name. For example, enter The Viewer & MHR. This name is used in the Event Summary and Shared Health Summary windows, appended to the Save and Upload button.
  • Include patient contact details - deselect if you don't want to include patient addresses and phone numbers in the generated XML CDA documents. Patient contact details are not displayed in the rendered summaries, but are included in the XML source if this option is set.