System Passwords

The following System passwords and backup archive passwords are maintained by Communicare:
  • SYSDBA - used for database metadata changes during upgrades and some data maintenance tasks. This user does not access your database using Communicare, but can access the database using server maintenance tools.
  • CCUSER - used by the server's daily maintenance tasks performed throughout the day, such as Medicare claiming and card checking, pathology result processing, and so on. This password cannot currently be changed.
  • CCSYNC - used by data synchronisation tasks after changes made on data synchronisation laptops are uploaded.
  • CENTRAL - used to create data in the central distribution database. This user does not access your database but is displayed as the created user of central clinical items and qualifiers.
  • MEDISYS - this is the only username that may be used to access your database using Communicare. It is used by Communicare Support when investigating issues or on request to support your health service. Activity performed by this user is logged in the same way as all users of Communicare. In addition we keep our own records of authorised access.

Additionally there is a password used to protect your backup archive zip files.

Normally we set and maintain these passwords. However, on request, we can reset these passwords if you are concerned about potential data breaches or because you have a formal password policy.

  • It is essential that Communicare knows these passwords, otherwise the normal functioning of the database and our ability to support you will be compromised.
  • Passwords must not include the following characters: \>, =, %, |, &, ^, (Single quote '), (Double quote "), (space).