Cancelling appointments automatically

In Communicare V21.1 and later, patients can automatically cancel their appointment by replying to an appointment reminder by SMS and rejecting the appointment.

Patients who receive an SMS appointment reminder sent from Communicare because their appointment fits the criteria specified in an SMS appointment reminder template with Patient can cancel appointments set, can reply to the SMS and cancel an appointment up until the time that the appointment starts.

By default, patient's who reply N or No to the appointment reminder SMS message cancel their appointment. If a patient receives multiple appointment reminders before replying, the latest appointment in the day for which the reminder is sent is cancelled.

Note: Only the first response is received by Communicare. For example, if a patient replies N to an SMS reminder and then changes their mind and responds Y, the second response is ignored.
When a negative SMS reply is received from a patient:
  • The appointment is removed from the appointment book and service recording
  • Linked incoming referrals are updated
  • Transport management linked with that appointment is updated and the comment Cancelled by patient is added