Online Appointment Booking

Online appointment booking systems allow patients to find an available provider and appointment time slots 24 hours a day, without the need to interact with the health service to book an appointment.

The Online Appointment Booking module allows external online appointment booking services, such as HealthEngine, to interface with Communicare so that appointments can be booked online. When this module is switched on, Communicare exposes the appointments book for enabled providers' session types, respecting the program rights associated with appointments.

Note: This functionality is not available in the Communicare offline client.

Setup required

  1. Contact Communicare Support to discuss online booking options.
  2. Turn on the Online Appointment Booking module in File > System Parameters.
  3. Select the program rights available for online bookings in File > System Parameters > Appointments.
  4. Allow online appointment bookings for your organisation in File > Organisation Maintenance.
  5. Set up the providers who will participate in online appointment bookings in File > Providers.
  6. Set up the session types that will allow online appointment bookings in File > Appointments > Session Types and allow online bookings for these new online session types.
  7. Ensure that the required appointment session templates have online session types attached in File > Appointments > Session Templates.
  8. Insert the online session into the appointment book.

Communicare Support can now install the HealthEngine Appointment Connector. When this step is complete, you will be able check that the sessions that you made available for online bookings are displayed on your HealthEngine website.