Simultaneous Check-In

The Simultaneous Check-In window is displayed when checking in a patient who has more than one appointment today. It allows patients with multiple appointments to be efficiently managed through services with multiple providers.


If patient has other bookings for the same Encounter Place, on the same day as the current record, when you check the patient in the Simultaneous Check-In window lists all appointments.

To check the patient in for all appointments:
  1. Select all appointments in the list.
  2. Click Select iconSave.
The arrival time for all selected bookings is set to that of the current record and the status of the patient is changed to Waiting for all appointments.

The service for each appointment then starts and ends as normal.


You may want to withdraw a patient from some or all appointments on the same day. For example, a patient has three services booked for morning and three for the afternoon. The patient leaves before completing all the morning appointments but will return for the afternoon appointments

To withdraw the patient, for example, from the morning sessions:
  1. In the Service Record, select the patient and click Withdraw patientWithdraw.
  2. In the Service Record window, click Select iconSave.
  3. In the Simultaneous Check-In window, select all morning appointments for example, from which the patient is withdrawing.
  4. Click Select iconSave.

The patient is withdrawn from the selected appointments and any walk-in services at the same encounter place.