Provider's Planned Absence

This form is used to record planned provider absences such as holidays. The daily process service will not organise appointments for a provider for these dates.

Public holidays, when all providers are on holiday, can be set at File > Appointments > Public Holidays.

To record a planned provider absence:
  1. Reschedule any existing appointments that have already been booked during the planned period of absence.
  2. Manually cancel any sessions that exist during the period of absence:
    1. In the Appointment Book, right-click the session and select Cancel Session.
    2. In the Session Cancellation window, enter SESSION.
    3. Click OK.
  3. Select File > Appointments > Provider Planned Absences.
  4. In the Provider Planned Absences Maintenance window, click Add iconAdd.
  5. From the Provider list, select the provider's name from the list.
  6. Enter a start and end date for the period of absence.
  7. Click Save.